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Augment-Ad is a moving screen that attracts people's attention more then any other screen.

what is Augment-Ad?

"This video is a quick demo, of one of the potential uses for our Augment-Ad system"

Augment-Ad a simple version of a CNC mixed with an HD screen.  Augment-Ad is a very effectiv way to catch people's attention for an affordable price.

When will it be available ?

july 17
End of prototyping phase
Learn more
Aug 17
End of first testing phase
Become a tester
Nov 17
Beta test program
Become a Beta Tester
Jan 18
Commercially available
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Our Snapshots

Mike mixing

Tony live in London, UK

Mike at the Kahuna club

Henry and his Bass Guitar

Mike preparing for the show

Live in concert 2017

Tony on stage

At the Broly Festival

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